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Fence Installation

Fencing is an important overall factor in your property’s appraisal. It’s not only a practical and easy way to keep your loved ones safe, your pets off their leashes, and your boundaries set, but a fantastic way to drive up your home’s value and increase its overall appeal. As such, when searching for affordable fencing in Plano, or a fence repair company, you also Should take into account that group’s experience and willingness to do the job correctly. 


There are hundreds of fence installation services out there but just ONE Plano fence company willing to go the extra mile for you. 


We will send out experienced, certified, insured contractors that will finish the task on time and on budget. Whether it’s having your current fence replaced or installing a fence in Plano for the first time, we’re the experts to call. 

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Fence Repair Plano

Our Plano Fence Company’s services

Our contractors can install or replace all manner of fences and materials. Here is a list of what we frequently tend to: 

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron
  • PVC

We’re here to help and make life easier for you. Some of the reasons you might need our assistance could be if you:

  • Bought a fence at the store and now need someone to install it properly for you.
  • Need a custom-built fence. 
  • Need an old fence replaced or updated to your current needs.
  • Don’t know what fence to buy or what fence best compliments your home’s decor.

At Fence Repair Plano, we prioritize the delivery of quality workmanship, superior products, and a hassle-free experience. We promise to install your fence, give you optimal finishes – fence painting and staining – and get out of your hair as soon as possible. We don’t overstay our welcome and we always leave the client satisfied and with a smile. That’s our guarantee!

The Best Fence Service in Plano

 Choosing a fence can be complicated; there is a lot of preplanning and there are many factors to consider as well as some minute details for improvement that only professionals are aware of. Despite all the tedious possibilities, a professional can give you a clear idea of what kind of fence you need, and what materials will better accommodate your needs. Our reviews and client critiques speak for themselves. Don’t hesitate to hire our team.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Fence in Plano, TX.

  • Soil makeup: the geological composition of your yard is critical when choosing a fence. 
  • Aesthetic layout: the current decor and style of your home is a factor that only a professional can take into account when suggesting which fence best accompanies the appeal of the environment. 
  •  Privacy setup: a professional from a fencing service will be able to audit your land and tell you which lines of sights expose you and your family to nosy neighbors. 
  • Durability: Sun damage and weather damage are two of the prime factors to consider when getting a fence. Each region is different and, unless you pick the right material, your fence won’t withstand the passage of time.  
  • Wildlife: fauna and flora are key components when choosing a fence. Certain animals in Plano have destructive tendencies and our professionals can tell you, based on neighborhood stats’ and personal experience, what animals might be lurking near your backyard. They can also inform you about whether or not the area is known for termites and if you’re going to need an insecticide, and if so, which one to pick in order to maintain your fence and not ruin it with toxins.

A skilled and experienced handyman can help you and answer any questions. It’s always recommended to contact a Fencing service professional when you’re preparing to put up a fence. Fences can drive up property values if properly installed, as well as protect your property, privacy and family. We hope you choose our crew to help you with your fence installation or repair project. Call us today for a free quote!