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Where fences are concerned moisture is the enemy. Any sort of liquid has the potential to destroy a fence in a matter of days. That’s why it’s incredibly important to think about fence staining in Plano, TX


Fence staining is the practice by which a professional/expert creates a barrier that prevents moisture to harm the wood. How often you end up staining your fence largely depends on the weather of your region. 

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Fence Repair Plano

Why Is Fence Staining in Plano so important?

In Plano, Texas the summers are generally hot and humid, incredibly muggy, and with strong storms. Meanwhile, the winters are cold and windy. In Plano, Texas it rains about 80.2 days annually; an average of over 42inches a year. 

And, although it’s not something usual, it does snow. Not too much but about 1.5 inches in total. Staining your fence not only blocks and protects the structure from water damage, which ends up getting into the grains and soaking the planks, but also safeguards your fence against mold and moss. 

Another reason why fence repair in Plano, particularly staining and painting, is so critical in the area, is on account of the sun. Sun damage on wooden fences is a particularly trying issue. UV rays from the sun can cause fading, greying, and even the fence to slowly come apart. The effects of the sun are incredibly damaging and a Plano fence without proper staining will eventually lose its aesthetic appeal and durability. 

A professional contractor can help you decide how to better protect your fence. From power washing and sanding to fence staining in Plano, a good contractor can tell you how to properly maintain your enclosure and which finish to use to properly protect your property and keep it pristine and beautiful to the eye.

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How often should you stain your fence? 

An expert can give you an educated answer. Maintaining a fence in Plano is all about quality and prolonging your fence’s lifespan. It’s about giving a drab or dingy fence a new look. It’s simply finishing your handiwork, after installation, in the right manner. 

Your fence will eventually have a new coat of paint and chemicals to help it out. To not only accentuate the natural patina of underlying wood with tint, but to fight the growth of mildew and rot. Staining will also protect your fence against ultraviolet light exposure. 

A fence staining in Plano is basic maintenance and a home-owner shouldn’t wait until the damage is visible. Consistent fence maintenance is always a fantastic habit to practice. With Fence repair in Plano we know that it’s always better to touch up a well maintained fence than repair a neglected fence. 

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