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Wood Fence

Wood fence repair in Plano, TX as well as installation in that area of the Lone Star State is one of our most sought after services. Why? Because of two points :

  • Wood is the standard for fences. It is the hallmark Plano Fence everyone wants. The picket fence, the postcard enclosure, the iconic look. It’s quaint, nostalgic and most of all it plunges us back in time, to a more innocent era.
  • Wood is an extremely volatile material. Wood fence repair in Plano, TX is a booming industry. And it’s not limited to the area but a worldwide phenomenon. It is a multi-million dollar industry. Wood is a fickle material and one that any Plano Fence Company will tell you needs frequent maintenance and overseeing.

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Fence Repair Plano

Plano Fence Services and Wood Fences

Wood fences are one of the most sought after types of enclosure solicited. They are not only beautiful, if properly installed and the right grain of wood picked, but incredibly versatile. 

Wood Fences in Plano are mostly used for:

  • Privacy: to provide privacy and security.
  • Pets: to allow pets to roam free in the backyard without the fear of them getting lost. 
  • Boundaries: to establish property lines 

What makes wood enclosures such an attractive type of fencing in the area of Plano is the fact that wood emboldens a home and drives up its resale value. Unlike other materials, wood is stylish, elegant and above all highly sought after for home decorations. If properly maintained it adds to a home, it doesn’t subtract.

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Wood Fence Repair in Plano, TX

We not only install but repair and rehabilitate wood fences in the Plano region. It’s important to get a jump on any damage spotted in a wood fence immediately. It’s the difference between a simple fix and a complicated overhaul. 

Hedges made from wood – expanding fences, close boarded fencing, cactus fence, picket fences, stake walls round pole fences, and many more – experience a great amount of damage from the elements. Wood tends to need consistent care. Not only from hard rain and snowfall, but also from insects like ants, and termites. 

An expert, from Fence Repair Plano, will tell you how to fix your fence and how to maintain it.

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Hiring professionals is the critical factor for maintaining a wood fence or installing one in the first place. Owning a fence not only protects your family, gives you security, and spruces up your home’s decor but also adds to your home’s market value. A team of experts will not only install your fence but come help you out if it ever needs a fix. 

At Fence Repair Plano we’re dedicated to the art of fencing and enclosures. Affordable, efficient, professional, and more importantly, we meet deadlines.

Call now for a free estimate and get a jump on your dreams; privacy and protection is just a chat away. 

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